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January 27, 2010

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I don’t know what to write on this thing. I have written four blog posts in the last 2 weeks but this keeps popping up in my head every time.

“Many people should not write their own blogs. I suggest that they buy journals, which prohibit their words from being read by the majority of humanity. That way, they therapeutically vent while also keeping the internet free of bad information. It’s an all around win.”

A facebook friend wrote this on his status right when I was about to post and now I am a little nervous that I am someone that he is talking about. Not that I am directly. I don’t think he knows I even have a blog but I might be one of the people putting “bad” information out there.

I think I need to come up with some sort of theme/subject for this blog.


Thoughts Swirling Around My Head Right Now December 1, 2009

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1.  Is it possible to be unconsciously anorexic? Food doesn’t sound good to me anymore. Even when I am starving. I am not sure if I am just too lazy to make/go get something, or if something is wrong with me.
2.  Ever since my car broke down and decided that I am going to need to get a new car at some point I see new cars everywhere. It is like they are rubbing it in my face. Also,  it doesn’t help that I pick up a child at a school where all the kids drive better cars than me.
3.  I don’t work at Old Navy anymore. I work as a house assistant? I am not sure what to call the job.  It is weird all the sudden having a new job. It doesn’t seem real. Also, it doesn’t seem real that I can be happy going to my second job. I feel like I should hate it.
4.  I like lists. I live by lists. When I don’t have a list I am lost. I have denied it for a long time, but now I have accepted it.
5.  Right now I am happy not knowing what I am going to do in my life. It took me awhile to get there and not sure how long this will last but I like it.
6.  Christmas Shopping is really hard for me this year. Usually I know just what to get people and this year I have no clue.
7.  I love Lifetime movies. I have no shame. They suck me in. It might be 3 different movies with the same plot but I love them all.
8.  I have started to make my own earrings since I can never find earrings I like. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought studs and buttons and that is what I make them out of. The funny thing is they are 80’s gaudy earring. I love them!
9.  I wish I had 10 “thoughts” but it looks like I only have 8…. which probably means I will think of 2 more after I post this…


The Little Things September 29, 2009

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I was reading an article in a magazine awhile ago. It was more about what to do if you can’t afford to go back to college. You know, the how to still grow and learn without being in school. They had things like enter your art into an art fair, run some sort of race and other little things too keep you going. Granted I have already been through college and, thank God made it through without any breaks, I found the article strangely challenging. So I have decided to set little goals for myself. The first one was pretty boring. Today I made a budget for myself.  I have tried making a budget before, but it was always a very rough estimate. This time it was very detailed. And strangely, I am really excited about it!

My next goal is this:
Photo on 2009-09-28 at 20.15

I have had this guitar for, oh, six years? It was a Christmas present from my parents with the guarantee that I would learn how to play. Six years later, it has been sitting in my room collecting dust. I am doing this for my dad who is a great guitar player and appreciates a good song(as long as it is a classic rock song). I am going to learn at least one song. Wish me luck!


Quote of the Week September 21, 2009

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Songs are just a backdrop for people to project onto and try to get to know themselves better
-Regina Spektor


Jesus Had A Kid?!?!?! September 11, 2009

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Have you ever encountered someone in your life that it seems their sole purpose in life is to be the antagonist to what you believe? Right now that person in my life is one of my managers at Old Navy. Every time we work together he brings up a question concerning Christianity that he knows is against everything I believe. Like this week it was “Do you believe that Jesus could have had a child with Mary Magdalen?” (Most questions are concerning things he has learned from the DaVinci Code.) To make it short, we talk about it for the duration of my shift, while I try to control my frustration (not so much at him but at his comments, if that makes sense) . This time, after trying to explain to him that it would defeat the purpose of Jesus coming down to earth if there was a little Jesus walking around, I finally gave up. He believes that the Bible is flawed and no matter what I say he won’t change his mind. I think it is funny that he will “believe” a movie over a proven historical document. So if I use the Bible as a reference point, it doesn’t matter to him. I think this week was probably the hardest time I had keeping my temper in control (and he could tell). But as frustrating as he is, I appreciate his questions. He makes me think about what I believe. Even the ridiculous questions help me to understand what and why I believe what I do.


Quote of the Week: September 7, 2009

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Above all, remember that the meaning of life is to live as if it were a work of art, you’re not a machine. When you’re young start working of this great work of art called your existence.

-Abraham Joshua Heschel


Lists and The Future

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I have decided to go ahead and try this blog out again. I am making no promises, sometimes I just feel like what I say isn’t as interesting as I think it is.

My best friend Stephanie came into town this weekend. She is moving to Japan in October so this was the last time that I will see her in a few years (a fact that still has not sunk in yet). She always seems to challenge me. This time it was with lists. She has lists for everything, but my favorite two were her book list and her bucket list. I don’t have either, so I have started to put them together. The book list is pretty easy, but the bucket list is becoming a challenge (and is yet to be written).

Here is the start of my book list:
Ann Lammott: Grace Eventually (currently reading)
Francis Chan: Crazy Love
Rob Bell: Jesus Wants to Save Christians Too
Greg Mortenson: Three Cups of Tea

So I am behind the trend on some of the books, don’t judge.

Have you ever felt like you don’t know where you are going in life? I was recently asked if what I am doing now is what I want to do long term and it occurred to me it was not. I love what I am doing right know but I don’t want it to be the rest of my life. I just don’t know what I want to do. There is so much that I dream of doing I get overwhelmed by it. I should make a list…