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Jesus Had A Kid?!?!?! September 11, 2009

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Have you ever encountered someone in your life that it seems their sole purpose in life is to be the antagonist to what you believe? Right now that person in my life is one of my managers at Old Navy. Every time we work together he brings up a question concerning Christianity that he knows is against everything I believe. Like this week it was “Do you believe that Jesus could have had a child with Mary Magdalen?” (Most questions are concerning things he has learned from the DaVinci Code.) To make it short, we talk about it for the duration of my shift, while I try to control my frustration (not so much at him but at his comments, if that makes sense) . This time, after trying to explain to him that it would defeat the purpose of Jesus coming down to earth if there was a little Jesus walking around, I finally gave up. He believes that the Bible is flawed and no matter what I say he won’t change his mind. I think it is funny that he will “believe” a movie over a proven historical document. So if I use the Bible as a reference point, it doesn’t matter to him. I think this week was probably the hardest time I had keeping my temper in control (and he could tell). But as frustrating as he is, I appreciate his questions. He makes me think about what I believe. Even the ridiculous questions help me to understand what and why I believe what I do.


2 Responses to “Jesus Had A Kid?!?!?!”

  1. remedy4thisheartblog Says:

    Love when people challenge you to think deeper about what you actually believe. What is beautiful is that even though you don’t realize it, he is taking notes mentally about how you respond and deal with him. I know that you are displaying Jesus to him even in your frustrations. Know that I am praying for you and for him as you walk through a cool season of encountering people that are not “churched.” Stay refreshed knowing you are in a place of darkness to be light.

  2. Robin Says:

    Girl I know what you mean! I used to get angry all the time ESPECIALLY given the crowd we hang out with, but I’ve slowly evolved into looking forward to those chances to strengthen my own faith. There are still comments that make my skin crawl like, “Jesus is dead.” but most of the time, I really enjoy those discussions now.

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