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The Little Things September 29, 2009

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I was reading an article in a magazine awhile ago. It was more about what to do if you can’t afford to go back to college. You know, the how to still grow and learn without being in school. They had things like enter your art into an art fair, run some sort of race and other little things too keep you going. Granted I have already been through college and, thank God made it through without any breaks, I found the article strangely challenging. So I have decided to set little goals for myself. The first one was pretty boring. Today I made a budget for myself.  I have tried making a budget before, but it was always a very rough estimate. This time it was very detailed. And strangely, I am really excited about it!

My next goal is this:
Photo on 2009-09-28 at 20.15

I have had this guitar for, oh, six years? It was a Christmas present from my parents with the guarantee that I would learn how to play. Six years later, it has been sitting in my room collecting dust. I am doing this for my dad who is a great guitar player and appreciates a good song(as long as it is a classic rock song). I am going to learn at least one song. Wish me luck!


2 Responses to “The Little Things”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Good luck! You can do it!

  2. Laz Says:

    Awesome, if I can learn anyone can learn

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