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Thoughts Swirling Around My Head Right Now December 1, 2009

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1.  Is it possible to be unconsciously anorexic? Food doesn’t sound good to me anymore. Even when I am starving. I am not sure if I am just too lazy to make/go get something, or if something is wrong with me.
2.  Ever since my car broke down and decided that I am going to need to get a new car at some point I see new cars everywhere. It is like they are rubbing it in my face. Also,  it doesn’t help that I pick up a child at a school where all the kids drive better cars than me.
3.  I don’t work at Old Navy anymore. I work as a house assistant? I am not sure what to call the job.  It is weird all the sudden having a new job. It doesn’t seem real. Also, it doesn’t seem real that I can be happy going to my second job. I feel like I should hate it.
4.  I like lists. I live by lists. When I don’t have a list I am lost. I have denied it for a long time, but now I have accepted it.
5.  Right now I am happy not knowing what I am going to do in my life. It took me awhile to get there and not sure how long this will last but I like it.
6.  Christmas Shopping is really hard for me this year. Usually I know just what to get people and this year I have no clue.
7.  I love Lifetime movies. I have no shame. They suck me in. It might be 3 different movies with the same plot but I love them all.
8.  I have started to make my own earrings since I can never find earrings I like. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought studs and buttons and that is what I make them out of. The funny thing is they are 80’s gaudy earring. I love them!
9.  I wish I had 10 “thoughts” but it looks like I only have 8…. which probably means I will think of 2 more after I post this…


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